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Relocating to a new office location can be time consuming and costly. An organized, efficient move is essential.The primary goal at Streamline is to ensure there is little to no down-time for your business. Below is an outline of the processes that have helped numerous corporate customers relocate.

  • A Streamline professional will provide a FREE, comprehensive assessment of your current office moving needs as well as an evaluation of the new space you intend to occupy.
  • We can then begin the planning process with your office professionals to ensure the office equipment and furniture is moved in an efficient, cost effective manner.

  • Once These steps are taken we can then provide your business with the with the following information:

    • Size and scope of the project to allow for your organization to budget for the transition.
    • Procuring and using the right equipment for the transportation of all your office documents, equipment and tangible resources.
    • Renting office moving bins for quick packing and unpacking of your offices. Dollies, file carts and computer bins all aid in making the transition smooth.
    • Creating an office blueprint and tracking system for the relocation process will streamline your move and help our experts to reduce confusion and down- time.

Commercial Move Pricing:

All commercial moves are priced on a per case basis and according to specific criteria. Click Here, or contact us for a quote/estimate.



We charge our normal hourly rate and provide all necessary packing materials.



Click here for information on moving insurance

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