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All Residential Moves Include:

  • Free estimates
  • Dollies for large furniture transport
  • Tools for any furniture that requires disassembly and re-assembly
  • Moving pads and shrink wrap to protect your furniture during transport
  • Physically fit professional movers who have experience
  • Streamline can customize the route to suit your needs (multiple stops, deliveries, storage runs, etc.)

Additional Residential Services:

  • Transportation of Upright Pianos
  • Deliveries
  • Hot Shots



Pricing For Residential Moves:

Pricing for residential moves includes:

  • Two Men and a 5 ton Truck
  • Tools
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Dollies
  • Packing Tape
  • Blankets

For Larger scale moves and greater efficiency additional crew members are available.

*Extra men will reduce the time as well as cut down the cost on bigger moves. An extra man is recommended on homes exceeding 1500 sq feet. When moves have a large distance to walk to get to the truck or many stairs in a home, an additional man will not only help with time but with cutting cost as well.


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We charge our normal hourly rate and provide all necessary packing materials.


Streamline Cost Saving Tips:

-Make sure ALL your belongings are packed. Loose items that are not packed waste space, increasing the number of trips to and from locations, which elevates costs.

-Use new and uniform boxes. The integrity of old boxes are is usually compromised, leading to damaged belongings. Using the same size and strength of boxes makes stacking them a simple job for our experts. Mix-matched boxes are hard to stack and take longer to arrange in the back of the truck.

-Pack properly. Professional packing with Streamline is always recommended. If packing for yourself, always remember to have everything tightly packed. Loose items tend to break and boxes get crushed. Pack items of similar size and weight together, do not mix fragile things with heavier more durable items.

-Pack fragile items with packing paper and/or bubble wrap.
-Mark all boxes denoting their contents; additionally , where they will go in your next home.

Residential Moving Calgary & Alberta

Estimated Residential Moving Times:

1 Bedroom Apartment; 2 to 3 hours  
2 Bedroom Condo; 4 to 6 hours  
3 Bedroom House; 5 to 8 hours


Moving Supplies


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